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Some of the Services I Provide

Responsive Web Design

63% of adult cell phone owners access the internet with their phones.

With technology and lifestyles changing at a rapid pace it is even more important to have a website that looks good on a variety of devices. I have a "Mobile First" approach to help you wether your solution is a WordPress website or a HTML5 website.

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Social Media Marketing

97% of all consumers search for local businesses online.

Having a strong platform for your brand is key when consumers are contstantly looking for you. Show your customers that your company is always withing reach through a strong and cohesive social media pressence.

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Print Design

76% of small businesses' ideal marketing strategy uses both print and digital communication.

Despite what others have said, print is not dead. The most sucessful campaigns use a combination of both digital and print. My expertise in both fields will definitely boost your brand's awareness.

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The Freelance Designer

Introduction & Summary
Keisha Croxton

Keisha Croxton is a freelance Graphic Designer from Connecticut with more than 5 years of experience. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic / Information Design. Keisha has experience in UX / UI Design, Front-End Web Design and Development, and Email Marketing Campaigns, just to name a few. She is currently the Communications Co-Chair for the AIGA Connecticut chapter handling Social Media. Keisha has a passion for helping others achieve their definition of excellence and devotes her full attention to each client's individual needs. Have a project or an idea you need help with? Please, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Skills & Proficiencies
  • Branding
  • Package Design
  • Photography
  • Print Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Video Editing
  • WordPress Theme Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Martketing
  • Email Campaigns


What Clients Have Said

  • "I recently worked with Keisha to design a brochure and info-graphic for an internet startup venture. She is very skilled in the area of graphic design. The work was creative, detailed, and timely. Keisha was very professional throughout the entire project. I would certainly recommend her for future projects."

    — Nerissa Coker, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of

  • "Keisha is a hardworking and deadline orientated graphic designer, and she has raised the design standards of the Helix Literary Magazine."

    — Kamil Wojnowski, Managing Editor of Helix Magazine (Spring 2014)

  • "Keisha always finds a way to work with use no matter how complicated our needs are."

    — Michelle Zolhman, President of Central Activities Network

  • "I recently had the pleasure of working with Keisha and it was an eye-opening experience. She single handedly changed my standards for graphic design. Her style has a way of drawing you in with its simple yet sophisticated look. Keisha is amazing at what she does because she takes it seriously."

    — Chris Bell, TRU.Family Recordings


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Have a project or idea that you think I'd be a great fit for? Just want to get to know me better? Feel free to contact me via the form below or any of my social media platforms and I will be in touch.

TRU.Family Recordings


The client hired me to redesign his logo for his recording studio. My solution was to simplify the original logo and draw attention to elements that were the most important to the TRU.Family brand. I decided to make the shield and crown the focal point of the solution. I placed the word "Brotherhood" at the bottom because it is the foundation of TRU.Family and placed "Truth" and "Honor" because they are above all else. I slanted the ends of the T and F to suggest forward, positive movement.

  • Logo in Vector Format
TRU.Family Logo Comparison
TRU.Family Logo on a T-Shirt
TRU.Family Logo Knock Out
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Helix Magazine


The Helix Magazine is a student run literary and art magazine at Central Connecticut State University. The magazine is known across the United States. It accepts submissions not only from students, but writers and artists around the world. My challenge was to bring the magazine up to professional standards in terms of design while still maintaining an edgy underground feel.

  • 150+ Page Soft Cover Book
Helix Magazine Front Cover Helix Magazine Back Cover
Helix Magazine Literature Spread Helix Magazine Art Spread
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The CANSby Snoball


The Central Activities Network at Central Connecticut State University wanted a poster and accompanying invitation created for their annual semi formal dance called the Snoball. The the theme of the dance was 1920’s and “Great Gatsby” based. My solution emphasized art deco design elements of the era.

  • 11x17 Poster
  • 4x6 Folded Invitation
CCSU CANsby Snoball Poster
CCSU CANsby Snoball Invitation Exterior CCSU CANsby Snoball Invitation Interior
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The Green Team Initiative


The Green Team Initiative is an organization educatin the public on as well as promoting the use of alternative sources of energy. The organization requested something fresh, youthful, and trendy. They wanted something that was eye-catching and attract a younger audience. I chose a blue and green color scheme to go along with the ideas and concepts they are promoting.

  • Vector Logo
  • Infographic
  • Responsive Website
The Green Team Initiative Logo The Green Team Initiative Infographic
The Green Team Initiative Responsive Web Design
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Java Mamma Coffee


Java Mama Coffee Company came to me for a logo design as well as package design for their line of coffee. The client wanted each flavor represented by its own color to easily differentiate them. The target market of the brand are women mid twenties to early forties that follow trends and enjoy the morning cups coffee. That information influenced my solution for the shape of the package. The packages are short and purse shaped to help attract their desired consumer.

  • Vector Logo
  • Package Design
Java Mama Coffee Logos
Java Mama Coffee Packages
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Elements + Principles


This portfolio piece was an independent project for my third year graphic design course. The objective of the assignment was to create a book exemplifying everything we had learned so far in our design education. I decided to create a graphic design style manual focusing on the elements and principles. When it came to design I reallly wanted to display my appreciation for Swiss Design. Simplicity and elegance are key for me. I took an ambitious route and hand-bound the hardcover book. As for the copy, I wrote that myself as well. This book, from to content, to design, to creation embodied everything I had learned.

  • 16+ Page Hardcover Book
Keisha Croxton - Elements + Principles : A Graphic Design Style Manual Front Cover Keisha Croxton - Elements + Principles : A Graphic Design Style Manual Opening Page
Keisha Croxton - Elements + Principles : A Graphic Design Style Manual Content Spread Keisha Croxton - Elements + Principles : A Graphic Design Style Manual Surprise / Transition Spread
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